LAS VEGAS– After Honda revealed its new all-electric 0 Series at CES today, suffice it to state we had concerns.
Fortunately for us, Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe existed to share the information in person.
Together with various other chosen media, we had the chance to ask anything we suched as concerning the upcoming platform and Honda’s get ready for its rollout here in the United States beginning in 2026
Right here are five essential things we learnt about this brand-new platform and the vehicles and cars it will certainly underpin.
We may see one before the Saloon shows up in 2026.
While Honda has actually assured it will introduce a manufacturing style based upon the ‘Saloon’ principle in North America in 2026, one more 0 Series cars and truck might truly get to the specific same time– and even quicker.
What kind that might take is anybody’s guess, as Mibe stayed reluctant about the information.
In the meanwhile, handle 2026 as the hard target date and standard definitely nothing out.
It will widen to brand-new fields
At launch, 0 Series will certainly be a “mid-large” system, which we can require to imply midsize for sensible purposes.
This would certainly sustain automobiles and vehicles of equal size to Honda’s existing Accord and Passport along with the Odyssey minivan (take a close consider that Area Center concept listed below).
Honda prepares to provide 0 Series designs with various footprints in the future.
A small-car platform suitable for subcompact, midcompact and portable offerings (believe Honda City, HR-V, Civic, CR-V, etc) will certainly adhere to later, as will certainly an also larger system, which we would certainly prepare for to be made use of for a Pilot equivalent.
Though the existing ICE-powered Pilot and its other brother or sister, the Ridgeline are midsizers riding on the specific same system as the abovementioned Passport, these are as big as Honda’s crossovers and trucks obtain.
If the mid-large platform could fit such offerings, it stands to factor that a bigger one would certainly not be necessary.
It has not harmed Honda’s relationship with GM
Mibe disregarded any type of seen rift in between Honda and General Motors occurring from the dissolution of their agreement to build a line of little automobiles on GM’s Ultium EV system.
Business parted techniques over a wish to approach their long-lasting electrification approaches in different ways, not over any type of technical constraints or restrictions used by the Ultium system itself, Mibe said, and both company are still collaborating to develop independent technology taking advantage of elements of GM’s Cruise department.
” Our connection is fantastic with GM,” Mibe specified.
It currently has an expiration day
While Mibe believes the 0 Series will certainly proceed substantially over the life of the system, Honda has currently specified its lifecycle.
It is expected to take on Honda’s EV efforts from 2026 up until 2031 or 2032, at which time it will be eliminated.
For what?
Mibe would not specify, however he did explain that the automotive market is still jointly awaiting the critical generational innovation in battery tech that will certainly enable really inexpensive EVs.
Whether that winds up prevailing schedule of solid-state batteries or something else entirely stays to be seen, but it still stays firmly in the future for the time being.
In any type of occasion, the 0 Series will certainly turn into a pumpkin before the middle of the next decade.
Planned obsolescence or just an additional inevitability of advancement?
You make a decision.
Acura will certainly do its very own point
The 0 Series as it has actually existed so far is restricted to the Honda brand name.
While the firm has prepare for Acura, they won’t just be 0 Series retreads, Mibe informed us.
Used the truths of modern car manufacturing, we take that to recommend that Acura’s platform will obtain its very own name and its cars and trucks will certainly obtain absolutely distinct bodywork.
Up until Honda shares even more information, we’ll merely need to see and wait.

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